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 Ewall committed to supplying customers with the finest, high­ quality products for bringing more innovation, new services & newer technology,new products & services to sell.The products & resources are designed to make the world of electronics more accessible to students, inventor & hobbyists. Ewall is committed to bringing his customers great values in electronic components ranging from a simple chip to a complex circuitry. The theme also includes enabling the powerful youth workforce to improve the quality of their projects in different electronics and robotics competitions in Pakistan and abroad. For universities, we have arrays of items which can proved to be great learning kits for training our students which improve the progress in the technological era across Pakistan.

                  Orders from students, hobbyists and professional are most welcome. You can buy on line, by phone or collect from store. All parts and components will be ready in 30 minute. We can deliver all over Pakistan and internationally as well.


Customized electronics design & product development

Electronic Products prototyping

Embedded systems design

PCB Design / Manufacture/ fabrication

Electronic Products Design - from concept to completion

R&D Based Customized Products

3D Printing

Electronic Components

Re-engineering services

DIY Parts and Projects

Electronic Gadgets 

                 Ewall is a milestone in the projects and electronics development that provides you the world class quality gears. Our R&D is focused on optimizing and finalizing different product related to our current problems in Pakistan, our R&D is also working on analyzing new ideas and processes that could lead to future improvements in technology advancement and construction industry in Pakistan.


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