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Return and exchange:

If we received the payment of the order before 3 to 4pm , we will dispatch the order on the same day through TCS and you will be able to receive by nest day.TCS terms and Condition will be applied!

At Ewall at the time of delivery, you are supposed to check if the product you ordered is not broken or has any manufacturing fault. In the unlikely event that a product is broken upon arrival, then replacement will be issued after return of the broken item. We strongly advise that you check your item before paying the rider. Ewall has the right to disapprove any return warranty claims if the item is damaged, altered or modified in any way due to misuse, abuse, attempted repair etc. or if item is damaged due to liquid or moisture exposure, also if the item is damaged due to voltage fluctuations.


The claim will only be valid within the three days of delivery of the package!!!